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New Development

Great news.

I got a new error! LOL (see attached)

It's funny, I try to follow the stock docs, making new directories, putting things there, making assigns using Dopus, & oh, by the way, found stock WinUAE SnoopDos already built in! (works smooth) and...

new mystery scripts and or files and...

Found some errors failing to find new files not found (hopefully yet) in LIBS: magic.library.

Not sure how SnoopDos found this, possibly triggered by Aladdin4 (which by the way, was showing reference back to Aladdin4D) but a new library called magic.library was failing to be seen. I tooled around looking for it, then used another useful built in WinUAE feature, Find. The library doesn't seem to be available. (yet hopefully) The alad.library is being sought in a subdirectory of libs, which I'm working on now.

Standby.. .. ..

Click image for larger version

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