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Happy Setting up a TCP/IP network on an A1200, with WB3


Ive been using a serial cable to connect my PC to my A1200 using the Amiga Explorer (from Amiga Forever).

This was pretty good but is painfully slow. I do have one problem however, my PC is downstairs, while my amiga is upstairs. Putting them both in the same room is impossibe as there just isnt enough room.

I know that Amiga Explorer supports TCP/IP connections with the Amiga. If i get a PCMCIA Power-Lan card (Link to it here ) how do i set it up to work with TCP/IP? It says on the amiga forever homepage that i should be able to get some software on Aminet, but i really dont know exactally what to look for.

Can anyone tell me exactally how to set up TCP/IP on my amiga, what software to download, and where to get it from?

Id be really greatfull if anyone could help me with this!
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