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You mean an original disc?

I actually ordered this puppy in the mail. It came as a CD. I told DiscreetFx I wanted the original packaging too. He wanted to make sure I was really serious about learning Aladdin4D. I assured him yes, I am. The box is now sitting in my mom's closet. LOL

The CD (iso image on the hard drive) isn't a working directory as it is write protected and I'm unable to change the names (from lib to library).

But, I can insert fresh copies of whichever file I need, where I need it, quickly and efficiently.

Small update.. I'm finding script files that open to text documents. It looks pretty complicated like my original picture attachments, but very clear,

> Copy a fully working directory structure from CD to new location.
> Install required libs.
> Make required assigns.

Those 21 7z's ended up being 21 Newsletters for Aladdins Lamp. A new folder appeared out of nowhere after installing them, NEWSLETTERS.

Another new folder popped up after I'd been clicking around, A4Dinstall. (I put the fload files in there and tried executing them from there. Sometimes I get freezes and have to reboot, sometimes I get nothing, only the chip value at the top of the Amiga 3.1 workbench screen looses 500 mb's or so.)

Getting closer..
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