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What stinks most of all is the way they pretend to be promoting the C64 scene and helping C64 fans.

"We're in discussion with some random company, of whom you have never heard, who want to resurrect the Commodore brand! We'll prosecute everyone else using the Commodore name! And, you know what? Us getting lots of money from lawsuits will benefit *you*. Don't you feel special?"

Bunch of crap. They've noticed that they have IP that they can exploit, and they're announcing this under the pretence of helping what's left of the Commodore fanbase.

I don't think that SCO are going to get away with it ("Oh no! I've suddenly realised that we're a crap company whose products can't compete with anything else on the market! How can we restore our flagging business? Lawsuits!"), and I from the response I've seen so far, Tulip aren't fooling anyone either.

If we're lucky, the Commodore curse will strike (Commodore, Escom, Viscorp, Amiga Technologies, and it looks like Amiga Inc are going to same way) and Tulip will end up bankrupt within a year.

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