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We're not worthy. We're not worthy.

CDFS automount CD/DVD drives is ticked. But, I'm using an iso image from this laptop's hard drive. (used ImgBurn, Data Type: MODE1/2048, File System: ISO9660 + UDF) (There are other options including straight ISO9660 and straight UDF)

I see why they wanted to change parameters or attributes or whatever to disc or hard drive. I found 21 install disks! LOL I put them each in their own Aladdin4D hard drive drawer, made 21 standard blank HD floppy disks, and the first copy was too big for the floppy disk. (or it was installing there, not sure. Is there a program that could properly make an Al1a and Al1b install disk?)

Also found an Ifxhits script file! Maybe this is doubleclick away from proper execution.

I tried running from the CD (iso), got the usual Cannot open support/alad.library- check installation. (I could make an actual CD)

Can I tell these... hold the phone.. just found a new script file (not the one in the attachment) It has all kind of instructions...

Have to button this up. Standby...Click image for larger version

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