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V1.7 of the driver now uses Thor's mmu.library to mark the IRQ enable register with an "Alert" that can be caught with Enforcer or MuForce (Alert only, so computer continues to run). If the mmu.library is not installed, it will behave like the V1.5 driver.

One "problematic machine" has shown that the driver now works with the X-Surf-100 in Z3 mode. Please report if this driver version solves the problems you've been having. Anyone who can handle Enforcer or MuForce, feel free to give pointers at which software is hitting the IRQ enable register (area).

Download from the iComp Wiki:

I currently have no internet. Deutsche Telekom has cut the wrong line to my house, so I'll be without internet until tuesday (monday is a holiday in Germany). Please spread these news to other forums and in social networks, but please be patient for eMail answers; I'll have quite some backlog once internet is back to working...

(on a freakin' slow line, a few km away from home)
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