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Tried above, got cannot open support/alad.library error, forgot, renamed back to library, back to getting nothing again. I think it's actually a step in the right direction. (Might have to go unassign) Or just start over. It does seem to be showing it wants to open it's own directories. The last mystery files in question are the fileload,,, & fileload.516. This first one is in a folder called Floadupd (File load update) & the readme says to put it in it's place, but doesn't say where. The top of the readme shows fload.lzx. (So I tried renaming that and placing it in the Support/Def folder. Nothing.)

SnoopDos fails for lack of diskfont.library. Aminet didn't show one in search.

The other files have specific instructions, involving opening them in a certain order. (I put them in Support/Def's too)

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Attachment 50268

Further digestion of the docs are indicating a script changing attributes. (I'm assuming from floppy to hard drive or disc?)

K. Going back in to try to run from the disc copy, recheck names, file and folder locations..

Thank you very much! JZon
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