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Great suggestions!

These docs suggest I must already have a working knowledge about installing.

Ended up starting from scratch. (Aladdin had gotten to where it wouldn't even give an error, when I clicked on it, it did nothing.)

I reinstalled WinUAE and everything.

The docs said everything, once copied from disc to hard drive, is supposed to be installed, as is, as a working directory. But then there are some moving of files and assigning. (seems like the docs were written for programmers)

Yes, I'm going to check out the snoop program. Thank you.

Ya'll have made some good observations I totally missed. (I thought I was going to put the files where they belonged and use Dopus for assigns as it was the only tool I had come across with an assign feature.)

I didn't even notice the Aladdin4D in libs. That must be why it said to assign Aladdin4D (and not Aladdin4).

I got the program probably a year or so ago, could tell it was going to take some time, put it down, and now I'm picking it back up again. Actually, I forgot about it, then remembered I'd saved it to my hard drive. (must have copied it straight from CD)

So, I said, let's see if I can burn the whole shoot and match to an iso file, and mount it inside WinUAE. Bingo. Worked beautifully. Then, there needed to be a big enough virtual hard drive (or directory) or hdf to put it on. I copied it straight from the iso mounted CD to the hard drive (inside WinUAE).

Actually, the first time, I copied it to the system hard drive, and had been working out of the libraries there. Little did I know there is also Support/Defs and 3 other files, which yes, seem to have odd extensions, .old, .new, .org(iginal).

Is what this needs is a user installation document.

I'm not sure if I'm supposed to be using the SysLibs & Support/Defs folder contained within the Aladdin4D directory (on it's own Aladdin4D hard drive) or if I was right the first time, and am supposed to be putting these things on the operating system's hard drive. (System_ADVSP.hdf)

Actually that would make sense as the self contained directory would've been correct to start with. (Maybe it wants it's own Aladdin4D hard drive, but wants certain files moved to the system hard drive, with correct assigns) Yes, starting come clear now. OK. I've got work to do. (and a new user install doc)

Thank you very much. JZon Standby...
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