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Originally Posted by NorthWay View Post
I moved over from WINE to Win7.
Suddenly it worked. Once. Then it behaved the same again.
I'm using both 3.3.0 and 3.3.4b9.
Make also sure your HDFs are not open in some other program. If HDF is read-write, no other program can have it open in read-write mode.

Anyway, check the log.

I'll scratch my head some more.
When deselecting options it doesn't seem to forget the old ones. I still get the colour-bars from the CS060 ROM even with everything deselected (3.3.0).
This is fixed in 3.4 betas.

For the CS060 you can select "ROM -> Extended ROM file" and "Expansions -> Accelerator board ROM file". My memory is telling me that those are two different files, but all I can find on the net suggest they are the same??? I know I patched the SCSI device code to not read from high chipmem and burnt an EPROM with that. Shouldn't I have to specify that as a separate file for the scsi controller?
Thats just a side-effect that it appears to work when using extended ROM file (both use same ROM address space). Don't do it, it isn't enabling anything else that correct emulation requires. (like SCSI or flash ROM emulation etc)
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