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Thanks for useful comments.

Onkelarie, eventually it works alright despite its incompatibility with WinUAE minimal requirements.

Mark_k, Slow RAM was set up initially to 512KB because according to Example Configurations at it is shown as n/a. So I've set it between 0 and 1.8MB randomly. Any value at all didn't improve or worsen the sound.

Direct3D didn't help.

Fullscreen + Low latency VSync turns out to matter in my case because Windowed worked slower.

Screen settings refresh slider set to second value was optimal and mostly fixed my sound issues (values are not indicated here in this setting and by the way it was 50Hz PAL all the time). First (left) value gave normal image movement and glitchy sound and vice versa. With this slider set like that now normal work of sound lasts minimum half a minute and more while the image is still moving smoothly.

All other settings mentioned in this thread didn't improve emulation. Including Collision Level to None, tweaking slow RAM. Except memory settings Chip that I must set to minimum value starting from 1.5 because if less then I couldn't boot normally and I'll get AmigaDOS message while loading a game:
runme.exe: not enough memory available
runme.exe failed returncode 10

So now A1200 config works fine with all settings mentioned above and CPU emulation speed set to Approximate A500/A1200 or cycle-exact -90%. And A600 config with Fastest possible speed (Approximate didn't work and glitches were back).

I've attached these two working configs just in case.

But there's still a tiny problem that I couldn't manage to fix. The sound now in these configs is faster and higher than it should be originally. That's OK, I can live with that.
UPD: Fixed. Need to choose other than Low latency option in Display→Screen settings→Native at the right.
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