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Originally Posted by saimon69 View Post
Sensei, i tracked down the Ultimate Blitz Basic CD and the book in pdf and i can tell that is not the most newbie-friendly documentation. Most of the hints i got had it from you in the Tetris clone thread; now that i found a new hardware i could try to get back on work on it...
Many people are getting confused with the bad reputation BASIC (as an acronym) is being given to itself as a language. BASIC is no longer what it used to be many years ago. Nobody would VBasic wipe of the table as a solution for creating tools on Windows. This needs to soak into the Amiga community as well. Blitz is not AmigaBasic nor AMOS and it never was.
The basic (sic) functionality is well represented in the docs for Blitz, but the language offers far more, so to expect general examples how to code system friendly applications would blow any manual. Just use the NDK and some brain grease. The same is valid for banging AGA hardware registers. Blitz has a simple inline assembler integrated. Use that, if you are capable of. There cannot be a doc to serve it all, unless somebody write a book with all the neat tricks and hints.
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