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Cannot run without DCTV library!

Greetings! JZon here. (HP2000/Win8.0)(WinUAE3.3)

I bought Aladdin4d from DiscreetFX. But my knowledge of Amiga CD activity is minimal as I only used floppies with A500 (20 years ago).

I'm using WinUAE 3.3 and found an assign option in Dopus. Not sure if I'm executing the right and left sides properly. (Tried both)

The 'read me' documents are clear, but I'm not. If I could translate the already translated instructions I can rewrite them in a single doc.

Apparently this version of Aladdin4D doesn't work with floppies in my setup.

How would I go about correctly assigning the Amigagui & DCTV libraries to Alladin4? What other assigns are there? I noticed instructions in 3 other places, the swapfile, Floadupd, and when unpacking Www_nova/Newslett/Disks/Al1.lha, Al10.lha, & Al11.lha, there is an install icon trying to install Aladdins Lamp Newsletters.

I put the Amigagui & DCTV library files in System/Libs. Dopus not assigning or I'm not assigning?? LOL When I navigate to the Aladdin4 folder, the Aladdin4 icon is still a wrench and plyers. When I double click it, I get the Execute a File prompt which says, Enter Command and it's arguments. The Command entry already shows Aladdin4, Stack 4096, OK or Cancel. Pressing enter shows a guru meditation screen saying:

Cannot run without DCTV library. Press either mouse button to exit.

Any information would be most appreciated.
Thank you so very much, in advance. JZon

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