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Thank you for replies!

Previously I've already used option CPU Emulation Speed Fastest possible. I also moved CPU Speed slider to the left as well. But that didn't helped much. "Fastest possible" option helped to decrease CPU indication from previous 200+ (continuously) to about 50-180% and emulation went faster but the issue with the SND:-82% remained. SND percentage grew from 0% to 80% and then as usual started to glitch. Before -80% all works very well.

If I pause emulator and then resume sound buffer size set to 10 again gives normal sound untill it grows -80%. I set mono mode, 15000 or 11000 Hz, disable interpolation, turn off audio filter.

Floppy drive sound emulation causes the same problem. Even when FDD sound emulation is off and I see kickstart picture with diskette animation the issue with SND growth remains (I just don't hear glitch).

And if I disable sound (doesn't matter emulated or not) the issue is gone.

On A500 the sound works fine and SND stays lower than -80%.

Maybe some memory settings could also lower requirements? Or other settings set to minimum for such netbooks as mine to emulate A1200 without audio glitches?
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