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Sound glitches on A1200 (SND:-82%)


I've got issues with the sound on A1200 emulated with WinUAE 3.3 and 3.1 (both portable and installed). I've tried to set up a configuration for A1200 according to Example Configurations at
( ).

SND indication increasing and goes from 0 to -80% in a few seconds and then goes grey beyond -80% with glitches appearing, emulations slows down and indicator stops on -82%. I've read on this forum (I guess that was from Toni Wilen) that SND normally should be between -20 and 20%.

A500 configuration on WinUAE has SND at -40 or -10 and its sound is working fine.

I've tried tweaking sound options including switching drivers but all I have is a little delay (buffer 10) of sound normal working for a few seconds untill SND reaches -80%. But I don't know how to use WinUAE plugins, maybe some plug-ins for sound would help if I knew how to use them. For example OpenAL?

The dropdown list of sound drivers at the top of the sound options consists of DSOUND: Primary sound driver and DSOUND: Realtek HD Audio Output but changing it doesn't help. I've got also installed ASIO4ALL audio driver but it it's not listed here.

I'm using WinUAE on my old Eee PC 4G netbook with Intel Celeron 900MHz, 504MB RAM, integrated graphics Intel GMA 900 and audio Realtek ALC662, WinXP SP3 installed.

What should I do to fix this?
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