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I only knew of it from Retro Asylum so I'm glad they did shout you guys out as I've been enjoying the show. It's now better than a podcast it's a videocast now as they do the full podcasts these days with the camera filming them.

Only thing that could make it better is maybe filming the podcast and you guys playing the game in the same video when you get to the talking about the game itself part instead of seperates like a fully live podcasting experience where even the game itself is played live in the video poddy whilst you are talking about it and then the aftermath chat about the same game afterwards which is like the normal podcast chats about your true views currently being done and this will be in the audio one as well whilst the gameplay background audio might not be edited into the podcast version.

These extended video versions would definitely be more so of a hit than the 2 seperate videos pus the videocasts might be bigger than the podcasts although people will still listen to the poddy versions as well due to most people listening on their trips anyway.

I really enjoy your shows so keep up the good work guys.

Are you going to make an episode on Magazine Coverdisks and stuff including the exclusive PD Soft on them like Top Secret an exclusive AMIGA Power PD?!!!!?

Here are 2 lists of them;

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