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Re: The Commodore brand

Originally posted by Tim Janssen
This topic is quite causing quite a commotion in the Commodore 64 community:

Read the full article here. Read the thoughts of the C64 community at Lemon64 Forum.

I am really getting sick of companies who are trying to squeeze out every last penny of Internet initiatives. Every time when individuals come up with creative, informative sites or shrines a big pesky corporation comes up claiming a percentage because they have the rights on a logo/name/colour/phrase/idea whatever.
Tulip owns the Commodore brand name and logo. I think they bought the brand back in 1997, put some PCs on the market with a Commodore sticker on it, and that is it! I know they ran into financial difficulties the past few years and this is their final last gesture before their inevitable death. But this claim is the saddest case I have ever seen. I am ashamed I live in the same country as those Tulip perps.

What are your thoughts about this?
If they own the name they can protect it from other people using it. If its ok for people to plaster Commodore all over their websites then why cant I start a shoe company and plaster NIKE all over mine?
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