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Cool video link Retrofan:

Following what Retrofan said about the vídeo & for non spaniards

From the video talk:

The guy who brings back a new Phase5, Salvador Fernandez, was the RMA manager from the old P5. He worked later on BPlan and was the bussiness man who managed to do all the marketing, public relations and work delivering the products and taking care of talking to different companies.

Around end 2015 it was noticed that when Cloanto asked for the CPPC rom licence (amigaforever winuae ppc) not only Ralph Smith had the rights for it but another unnamed company had also bought the rights. So turns out that Salvador Fernandez was the whole 2015 buying all the stuff from P5, talking to hardware manufactures, doing all the the needed licenses for producing again the whole batch of Blizzards in Europe, etc. All in silence.

Still speculations around all of this, because nobody has seen papers to confirm those facts.

Following investigations from the speakers of the video about how to find enough 060's, guide to a company (NXP ) who had hundreds of them. Had, because the whole existance was sold to a german company last november (supossedly the new P5 ). All last Motorola 60mhz.

Some talking to Fernandez (Facebook?) shows that his idea is redoo the old stuff as close it was years ago & then depending on money earned on sales bring new hardware to Amiga.

Edit: I didn't talk to the person, it's what they say on the video.

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