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Originally Posted by Thalion View Post
Seems you don't get my point. It is a big difference if you are asking about interest in the community and if they would buy something when its coming out, there is nothing wrong with that. But making big plans of this and that and having it sound as if its nearly finished and showing nothing is what makes everybody suspicious as it happened too often in the past.
You are making my point! That is what I am talking about. This in necessary and determines the level of interest and if something should be designed/produced.

Being skeptical and being negative to the point of a witch hunt are two entirely different things. I think at this point, any developer wanting to make something new should be welcomed, not ridiculed for doing something that might appear to be a rather large endeavor. As you pointed out, you don't know who this person is or their contacts. If they have the CPLD equasions, that's all they would need to re-produce any of the previous products. They wouldn't even need the schematics or the PCB artwork. Those can be easily created from an existing board. Really, it doesn't take much skill to do that.

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