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Originally Posted by aszu View Post
Well, right. As I am an author of steel hawk I might as well get you an update

Here is the latest video with the music done for the game

As you can see all is written in Amos. At this moment all the work is stopped because we - me and asman - are working on another game. It was 9th in the same compo - Blazing Guns preview. It was a very early preview but it is coded in 100% assembler. When I get back home I will start new topic Also asman is active in here, so in case of any technical questions he will be more than happy to help. So this is the main reason why work on SH has stopped. No backbone, no amos. Pure assembler. 50 fps on A500 with 0,5 MB CHIP.
Ok thanks, is the game playable to any degree? I take it you must have presented a demo for the competition, is this playable or just rolling demo?

@S2325 - thanks for the link! Do you have one for the last game not seen yet ' Ferrari Testarossa Turbo Challenge 2 Deluxe' ?
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