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Originally Posted by Thalion View Post
The way i would announce new stuff would be to have actually stuff to announce. There simply have been too many words said and in the end there was nothing more than hot air. I would find it great if this announcement would come true but as said already the best way to get the community behind you is working and finishing something an then make the noise.
You have to announce your intentions. There has to be a definitive level of interest to get the commitment to go into production. You guys don't realize just how expensive it is to start up a new production run of anything (and yes, these would be new runs because all of the old tooling is long gone). For electronics there are up front NRE (non re-occurring engineering) fees, so additional runs are cheaper. But, you still have to fork out the money up front. In the case of accelerators and other relatively expensive items, it's tens of thousands of dollars in expense to get started. Would YOU spend that kind of money without some type of reassurance that you are going to at least recoup that amount (regardless of a profit)?

I have a slew of Amiga hardware designs, but there is no way that I would just suddenly have a pile of products for sale without finding out if there is even an interest in them.
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