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SWOS is one of very few examples of a Amiga-game that actually got patched, and not at all typical for the mentality of the time. Also, SWOS was the work of Jon Hare and Co – guys who developed Amiga-games as a professional team because they were paid like professionals.

Working fulltime on an Amiga-game and providing services conneced to such development was possible in the 80s and 90s because the Amiga was huge - it was a market. But yes, you are right. It´s not the 80s or 90s any more. It´s 2016. And all Amiga-development, be it RESHOOT or any other current game or software, is purely unsalaried.

Therefore I find comparisons with the old days or modern paid services kind of misleading - and unfair too, if I may add.
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