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Originally Posted by Swevicus View Post
Are these joysticks any good? I know they come in both 9-pin Atari and modern USB versions, and my SpeedLink USB joystick has just died (three switches have given up on me in as many minutes after 7 years of on/off usage).
The USB version comes with an awfully slow USB chip - it only sends input to the computer about 10 times per second, that's way too slow for fast arcade games - quick joystick movements often don't make it to the computer. If you want to buy one of these, always buy the 9-pin version, and then use an external adapter.

Other than the USB controller chip, both versions are identical. They got some improvements over the years, and the later models seem to be okayish. They're definitely not as sturdy as the original models though.

Originally Posted by copse View Post
So, is there a decent usb joystick which people would recommend which isn't subjectively.. sluggish, stiff etc?
If you have a limited budget, the Compition Pro remake is probably your best choice. The alternatives would be Amigakit's Arcade Evolution (noname Arcade parts) or the Aracdeforge Retro Joystick available with either noname arcade parts or Sanwa arcade parts.

Building your own Stick using Arcade parts from Sanwa and a bit of wood might also be a nice DIY project.
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