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@Vulture: I can assure you: If most people would notice that bug and there would be no way to play around it; if it was gamebreaking or really hard to overcome, I´d be the first to fix it. I´d also think about producing some replacement CD-ROMs. Which, by the way, was never the case in the old days. In the 80s and 90s, when there were bugs in a game, they stayed there.

But this bug is simply not gamebreaking, far form it. As I said, from observing people play RESHOOT I know that most players don´t even notice that bug. And it´s so easy to avoid it; just don´t stick to the very left handside of the screen when the three big deathplanets attack.

Rest assured: I´m sorry that this tiny little bug could creep into the code. I know how it did that and how to avoid it creeping in again for RESHOOT R.
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