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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
I jut feel you could have updated Reshoot more instead of making a sequel right off the bat.s, Reshoot has received some fairly founded criticisms and I feel you should have addressed them. Itfeels like you abandoned it to work on the new one and that's a bit weird.

Not saying you shouldn't work on a sequel or announce it now, you do what you feel, but I feel people who paid 30+ euros for the game deserved at least one update with some fixes. It's not the 90s when buying a game off the shelves meant that was it, and if there were bugs, you were, usually, fucked.
Its true that ppl are used to Zero day patches these Days. In fact, it's the way it is now, so that a certain release date can be announced long before they actually know if the game really will be ready.

With Reshoot (and yes I bought it) I think that there aren't a whole lot of bugs that need to be fixed. Rather, ppl are identifying certain design choices (or art) and wishing things had been done differently.
From that point of view, you are not fixing broken things but changing your design. So I can see how Buzzbee would rather go on and take all these ideas and focus on implementing them into a new product. That being said, I agree that it's fair to expect some "post release care" for a €30 game.

On the other hand, in my case Reshoot was meant for my CD32 so getting patches would feel "wrong". (Unless he'd send out official new CDs with the patched version).

For the next game (if it's on) I'd suggest maybe a longer closed Beta period / feedback / fixes before pressing CDs.

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