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Bridge Strike - new amiga game - information and updates

R3D team strikes again!
As you might have read in the other topics, they are working on a new game, called Bridge Strike. They have presented first public demo at RKLE 2016 and won 2nd place in the gamedev competion.
They are the team behind Tanks Furry, a game released earlier this year.

This is how the game looks like at this stage:
[ Show youtube player ]

You can download demo version from this address:

Please be aware, this is the first initial version.
Amiga 500 OCS/ECS 020, 1MB MEM

Due to small problems, the authors recommend starting the game with no startup-sequence on 020 processor.

Tested configurations:
A600 (1MB CHIP standard) + 1MB FAST - all ok!
A500 kick 1.3 1MB chip 1MB FAST - all ok!

Paweł / Juen / Nowak - code
Krzysiek / Koyot1222 / Matys - gfx
Simone / JMD / Bernacchia - music
Marcin / Doomer / Święch - sfx

Both JMD and Juen are active on this forum, so I'm sure they will see all your posts

Tanks Furry was release for free. Probably they will release Bridge Strike for free as well. They are really humble ones but I have suggested them to open the patreon account. If you want to support them, you might do it over there. I think they deserve it!
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