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Ok, so I got another extra for it today, my mouse/joystick auto-switcher arrived in the mail. Fantastic!

So then I thought I'd get lemmings all sorted out so the kids can have a go, they watched a bit of a play-through of Lemmings on YouTube and they all said it looks easy, hahahaha.

So, no dramas, I have that on the SSD, so I tried running it.


The WHDLoad version won't load, as it appears to require fast RAM, and of course I currently only have 2mb of Chip and that's all.

So I decided to unplug the SSD from the A600, plug it into the USB adapter, and copy across the 2 ADFs for Lemmings, as well as a few other games, so I can write them to real disks and load them that way. So, first step was to ensure that those ADFs work in an emulated A600 exactly the same as mine (same hdd setup, same ram, same ROM, PAL A600), and sure enough, worked no drama when booting from the ADF. So after copying all the ADFs to the SSD, safely remove hardware from the PC, plug it back in home into my A600 and...

Why am I seeing the insert disk kickstart screen?!?

Even worse, after unplugging and plugging it back in, I didn't even get any screen. Bump the composite cable and oh, there it is again, the insert disk screen... It's not booting from the SSD...

Everything was/is plugged in correctly...

Ok, unplug everything and walk away from it for now, before I get too annoyed with it...
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