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Originally Posted by Sandro View Post
the phase5 guys are the scammers
the big scam was done in 1999, (the preorders for the G3 and G4 boards)
DCE bough licenses 1 year later (around 2000)
Do you know what scam is? How do you know, they just wanted to take folks' money and had no intention of releasing G3 and G4? After all they have done in the past, why would they do that?
Also, in 2000 the company filed for insolvency, so basically gone bust. It does happen, you know? Also If we take into account that some chaps have gone to bPlan to work on Pegasos and have managed to release it and been involved in work on MorphOS I would never consider it a scam. I feel sorry for people who lost money, but the market was different back then. Business model was different, conditions were different. Everything was different. So no I would NEVER consider phase5 a scam.
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