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WHDLoad Games Converted to HDF

Here is a collection of WHDLoad games converted to HDF.

I have used the most recent version of the game and whdload.

Thanks to the great man DamienD for helping me out on not only learning how to do these but understanding how it works.

With an array of Amiga emulators on Android and Raspsberry pi, etc etc. I thought these would be a great addition to your Amiga collection.

Simply setup an Amiga 1200 Config within your emulator. Attach the HDF and start the emulator.

All Games have been tested and work perfect.

The list of games already made are;

Aladdin (AGA).hdf
Banshee (AGA).hdf
Banshee (CD32).hdf
Barbarian (Palace).hdf
Barbarian (Psygnosis).hdf
Barbarian 2 (Palace).hdf
Barbarian 2 (Psygnosis).hdf
Body Blows (AGA).hdf
Body Blows (ECS).hdf
Body Blows Galactic (AGA).hdf
Body Blows Galactic (ECS).hdf
Chrono Quest 2.hdf
Chrono Quest.hdf
Continental Circus.hdf
Cruise For A Corpse.hdf
Crystal Hammer V1.hdf
Crystal Hammer V2.hdf
Cybernoid 2.hdf
Dalek Attack.hdf
Dangerous Streets (AGA).hdf
Dogs Of War V2.hdf
Dogs Of War.hdf
Donk The Samurai Duck (AGA).hdf
Donk The Samurai Duck.hdf
Double Dragon 2.hdf
Double Dragon 3.hdf
Double Dragon_v1.0_0320.hdf
Double Dragon_v1.0_2438.hdf
Dungeon Master 2 (AGA).hdf
Dungeon Master.hdf
First Samurai.hdf
Flink (CD32).hdf
Forgotten Worlds.hdf
Formula 1 Grand Prix.hdf
Formula One Grand Prix (3Disk).hdf
Formula One Grand Prix (4Disk).hdf
Fright Night.hdf
Frost Byte.hdf
Full Contact.hdf
Fury Of The Furries (CD32).hdf
Fury Of The Furries.hdf
Future Basketball.hdf
Future Tank.hdf
Future Wars.hdf
Gemini Wing.hdf
Ghost Battle.hdf
Ghostbusters 2 (NTSC).hdf
Ghostbusters 2.hdf
Ghosts N Goblins.hdf
Ghouls N Ghosts.hdf
Gods (NTSC).hdf
Gold Of The Aztecs (Kernal Version).hdf
Gold Of The Aztecs.hdf
Golden Axe.hdf
Great Courts 2 (512KB).hdf
Great Courts 2.hdf
Great Courts.hdf
Great Giana Sisters.hdf
Gremlins 2.hdf
Guy Spy (CDTV).hdf
Guy Spy.hdf
Hard N Heavy.hdf
Lion King (AGA).hdf
Lotus (CD32).hdf
Lotus 2.hdf
Lotus 3.hdf
Ninja Warriors.hdf
Ruff N Tumble.hdf
Running Man.hdf
Shadow Dancer.hdf
Shadow Fighter (AGA).hdf
Shadow Fighter (CD32).hdf
Shadow Fighter (ECS).hdf
Shadow of the Beast 2 NTSC.hdf
Shadow of the Beast 2.hdf
Shadow of the Beast 3 NTSC.hdf
Shadow of the Beast 3.hdf
Shadow of the Beast.hdf
Super Cars (1Disk).hdf
Super Cars (2Disk).hdf
Super Cars 2.hdf
Super Hang On.hdf
Superfrog (CD32).hdf
Switchblade 2.hdf
Tubular Worlds (AGA).hdf
Tubular Worlds (ECS 512K).hdf
Tubular Worlds (ECS).hdf
Turrican 2 CDTV.hdf
Turrican 2.hdf
Turrican 3.hdf
Turrican NTSC.hdf
Ultimate Body Blows (CD32).hdf
Watchtower (AGA).hdf
Ween The Prophecy.hdf
Xenon 2 (1 Disk).hdf
Xenon 2 (2 Disk).hdf
Xenon 2 (CDTV).hdf
Xenon Arcadia.hdf

More and More games are being made every day. I will update this post with new games each time.

Games are uploaded in FTP/Uploads/Ransom

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