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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
What is your exact hardware config? Please list all partitions, devices and which filesystems they use, that you have there, because I have used CrossDOS on a 1MB system before without it being such a fuss. ~300KB of RAM after startup is really low.

I can list everything when I get home. I actually have close to 500kb+ on startup. The dir mangers will take 300+ to open up, as soon as I insert a pc-dos formatted zip disk, it takes 200k+.

On one or two apps I got them to run with about 8k free, then it runs out if memory reading directories.

When I boot off off floppy wb3.1 it comes up with 700k+ free.

Also, I use pc and Amiga formatted zip disks. So, it's mounting two devices for the one drive.

I really think that until I get more ram, I will need a custom boot floppy for pc formatted zips and one for Amiga formatted zips.

Getting a cd-rom drive working now greatly reduced my need for the zip drive. I'm almost tempted to install workbench on a bootable zip since it's twice the size of my hdd. Depends on how fast my patience runs out waiting for the scsi2sd.

I wish there was a stable virtual ram product for the a500 under wb3.1. I know it would be slow but slow is better than non existent. I have my ram drive pointing to my hdd just to help with programs that like to extract to ram.
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