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I've tried all of that. Reduce the res, reduce the mounts. Unfortunately, no go with only 1mb total.

My only option at this point is a custom boot floppy that only mounts the zip drive in crossdos and and my hdd.

In the meantime, I got my cd rom up and running last night. So I'm doing most of my file management on pc then burning to cd.

Funny how the 650mb cd is my largest storage media, then the 100mb Zip and finally in last place my 50mb hdd.

I can't wait for the scsi2sd to arrive.

What I really need is more ram. So I'm waiting for any modern day solution to become available since everyone seems to want an arm an a leg for ills stock due to rarity.

Also I'm going to attempt to repair the simm sockets on my fvp controller. I have at least 4mb waiting to be installed. Could even be 8, not sure since the sockets are bad. I forget how to identify the chips to know for sure.
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