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Blazing Guns - new Amiga game progress and updates

Evening all,

Although we did not think we can make it, we have managed to show a first, very early version of Blazing Guns. This game is not yet playable but the first version shows quite a few features of the engine and some basic concepts.

A few mockups:

A YT video showing current state of the game:
[ Show youtube player ]

You can download latest version from this page:
Blazing Guns

Main Features:

pure assembly code
runs from both floppy drive and hard drive
dynamic action on 320267 screen (320272) in 5 bitplanes.

- 7MHZ OCS Amiga
- up to 15-20 enemies on screen
- music and sfx
- power up system
- and many more!

The game will work on A1000 z 0.5MB but at this moment AGA 030 HDD is recommended.

I am responsible for the gfx and asman is coding this game in asm. All comments and criticism is always welcome
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