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Originally Posted by mark_k View Post
It looks like you should use D3DTADDRESS_CLAMP for D3DSAMP_ADDRESSU and D3DSAMP_ADDRESSV. So add something like
hr = d3ddev->SetSamplerState (0, D3DSAMP_ADDRESSU, D3DTADDRESS_CLAMP);
hr = d3ddev->SetSamplerState (0, D3DSAMP_ADDRESSV, D3DTADDRESS_CLAMP);
Added. Shaders also use clamping when accessing source texture.

Originally Posted by mark_k View Post
Also (but not related to this issue), should you do something like
hr = d3ddev->SetSamplerState (0, D3DSAMP_SRGBTEXTURE, 1);
because the Amiga image data should be considered to be in sRGB space.
Not going to make any changes that can modify how whole display looks.
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