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Originally Posted by lubomyr View Post
TomB updated UAE4ARM for openpandora

Changes since last release:
- Merged lot of changes from WinUAE 2.8.1
- Fixed graphic glitches caused by borderblank
- Fixed bug in navigation through quit button
- Keys V and W were switched
- Compiled with gcc 6.2
Lubomyr any chance of adding extra button, so we can have CD32 PLAY button.

Also I found another issue, which we came across with PSPUAE. CD32 RED (Fire 1) and BLUE (Fire 2) are not the same as normal Joystick Fire 1 and Fire 2. Some titles will refuse to accept the normal fire input code.

Theres also an issue with multi-key press games, i.e. Microcosm, Subwar 2050. You can not press FWD and say Yellow at same time. It may be related to RED and BLUE input code. Every game I have tried that requires RWD or FWD + Colour keys do not work.

Im also unable to delete configs. You click delete and it does nothing. I have to delete manually.
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