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Originally Posted by mark_k View Post
Thanks. Strangely there was a _winuae.fx file already in that dir, but an older one. (No relevant differences though.) For some reason WinUAE wasn't overwriting the old one with the new. I renamed the existing file and WinUAE wrote out the new one.
Yes, it is by design. WinUAE does not care about the file, it is only written if someone wants to use it as a base for custom shader filter.

I also noticed this in the log:
D3D9Ex: 00000056 00000000 60020000 00000320 ALPHA DYNAMIC
D3D9Ex: PS=3.0 VS=3.0 1920*1200*0p VS=0 B=2WE 32-bit 0 (8192x8192)
D3D9Ex: D3DXCreateEffectCompilerFromResource failed: 8876086C S=1 F=0876 C=086C (2156) ()
D3D9Ex: pixelshader filter 'C:\Program Files\WinUAE\plugins\filtershaders\direct3d\_winuae.fx':-1 failed to initialize
Falling back to non-shader mode
D3D9Ex: GetMaximumFrameLatency() failed: 80004001 S=1 F=0000 C=4001 (16385) ()
D3D9Ex: 752*576 main texture, depth 32

So it seems WinUAE is using non-shader mode in this case?
Yeah, it means very basic D3D mode is in use, mainly for compatibility with pre-PS2.x hardware.

I don't know why it fails. 8876086C = D3DERR_INVALIDCALL.

EDIT: Function name is slightly wrong in the log, failing call is simply D3DXCreateEffectCompiler().
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