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Thanks. Strangely there was a _winuae.fx file already in that dir, but an older one. (No relevant differences though.) For some reason WinUAE wasn't overwriting the old one with the new. I renamed the existing file and WinUAE wrote out the new one.

$ diff _winuae.fx_old _winuae.fx
< // 2 (version)
> // 3 (version)
< // by Toni Wilen 2010
> // by Toni Wilen 2012
> uniform extern float2 texelsize;
I also noticed this in the log:
D3D9Ex: 00000056 00000000 60020000 00000320 ALPHA DYNAMIC
D3D9Ex: PS=3.0 VS=3.0 1920*1200*0p VS=0 B=2WE 32-bit 0 (8192x8192)
D3D9Ex: D3DXCreateEffectCompilerFromResource failed: 8876086C S=1 F=0876 C=086C (2156) ()
D3D9Ex: pixelshader filter 'C:\Program Files\WinUAE\plugins\filtershaders\direct3d\_winuae.fx':-1 failed to initialize
Falling back to non-shader mode
D3D9Ex: GetMaximumFrameLatency() failed: 80004001 S=1 F=0000 C=4001 (16385) ()
D3D9Ex: 752*576 main texture, depth 32

So it seems WinUAE is using non-shader mode in this case?
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