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EDIT: New expansion handling is finally getting stable enough. If there is still old beta related unsolved bugs, please report them again.

Beta 9:

- Untrap = middle mouse button default was wrong and setting was nearly always incorrectly loaded from config file. (b8)
- Added SCSI+IDE, SCSI only and IDE only Dataflyer Plus options. (SCSI+IDE = default)
- Game Ports panel Remap/test option now supports button-specific autofire configuration. Main Game Ports panel autofire option is now ignored when any custom slot is selected. Other confusing Input panel options may be moved later here with more logical grouping. Does not yet hide options that are not compatible with selected input event.
- Orphaned (no bridgeboard configured) x86 VGA board caused bogus error message at startup.
- Enabling Picasso IV added incorrectly "NOROM" ROM type to Expansions panel.
- For some reason QEMU Cirrus Logic code only stored chip model when initialized for the first time, this caused graphics glitches if any 4M board was initialized after 2M or smaller board. For example Picasso IV + x86 VGA.
- JIT Direct + Picasso IV Z3 was broken in recent beta.
- Added Expansion Systems Dataflyer Plus boot ROM v1.5 and v1.7 to ROM scanner. (v2.1 was added in b8)

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