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Originally Posted by rbm View Post
Workbench screen gets corrupted using the Picasso IV zorro III board together x86 vga.

Works fine when uses the UAE zorro III board with the same configuration.

Checked and does not work from the first beta.
Does it only happen with Picasso IV Z3? Other boards or Picasso IV Z2 work normally? (At least I can only duplicate it with PIV Z3)

EDIT: Fixed. QEMU Cirrus Logic code initialization bug. (If 4M board was initialized after smaller board, small board's chip model was used for 4M board which didn't work very well)

Originally Posted by thomas View Post
There is an A2000 selection on the chipset page. So I thought you could make an A2000 quickstart which might be the same as A500 but has A2000 chipset selected.
It only enables clock by default. It is not good enough for quickstart

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