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Eek WinUAE GUI for configurations are not user friedly at least for me..

how to say it, there something like common sense for GUI applications, every time when im coming back to WinUAE, im confused by way how configurations screen working.

In detail, i would expect that after click on some config would be possible active it for edit and change or through some right click context menu, or something like that.
But it behave way that you could select it, by 1 left click and i could think it means that selected config is now loaded for edit.. but as far as i know, it is not, you need to load config from file for edit..

Often i also by accident, when im trying to edit some configuration use double click and machine is started, is quite often and after double click is something editable.

How to solve it, add some context menu, after one left click, or disable to select it in configuration menu at all. Or make all not active configs in menu grey until, user click on edit button (one new).

At least add some mouse hint on mouse cursor or some info on that screen.
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