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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
- Window border DF0:<>N mouse hotspot offset fixed.
what is this "N" field anyway? just recognized it some beta versions ago. what does it say?

the new default "untrap" is a bit pesky, i agree with mark - please make it default again (untrap = middlemouse)

#1) one more thing - cannot say for how long, but the "icon" in the lower windows bar vanishes here
from the "program-icon-buttons" on my win7 machine - after a while, not sure when exactly.
the "amiga-hook" in the toolbar at the buttom is still there, so i can
use the context menu and start configuration.

(win button) | (shortcut buttons) | (program-icon-buttons) ...................... | (toolbar icons) | (clock)

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