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Toni Wilen
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Beta 8:

- Do not initiate disk eject+reinsert sequence when changing write protection state that requires saveimage and emulation has not been started yet.
- Window border DF0:<>N mouse hotspot offset fixed.
- Do not reset HDF parameters when changing hardfile.
- Some combo boxes (text box with select menu) didn't accept select menu selection without also selecting the text first.
- Made "RTG board" support more modularized to enable easier implementation of new boards. END+F9 switching improved.
- Implemented Harlequin frame buffer graphics board emulation. Multiple boards supported simultaneously. Plus revision features only partially emulated, BT RAMDAC has lots of features that no known Harlequin software use.
- Added show Prev/Next/Native/RTG 1/RTG 2/RTG 3/RTG 4 input events. Old toggle chipset/RTG was renamed to Next display.
- -norawinput now only disables raw hid, keyboard and mouse always use rawinput since 3.3.0.
- Windowed mode statusbar message was only randomly visible when switching modes.
- Currently visible status bar message will be immediately overridden by new message if both messages have same type.
- END+F9 mode switch to programmed mode custom mode was not correctly positioned.
- Expansion Systems Dataflyer Plus SCSI/IDE controller emulated. (Not same as Dataflyer SCSI Plus which is A1200/A4000 IDE port SCSI adapter)
- Moved middle button untrap and "magic mouse" untrap/mouse sync to single select menu in gameports panel. (Misc panel middle button is kept because it is commonly used but now it only changes gameports option)
- Release all Amiga keys only when mode changes and window needs to be closed and opened (for example fullscreen<>windowed change)

Expansion Systems Dataflyer Plus:
- SCSI-only, IDE-only or SCSI+IDE configuration.
- SCSI is 5380 based, fake DMA (byte wide)
- Boot ROM is basically only a small driver loader, main driver is stored in RDB blocks.
- RDB compatible but can't autoboot from non-Dataflyer partitioned drive.
- It seems IDE partitioned HDF does not work in SCSI controller and vice versa, probably something geometry related that prevents boot rom to find RDB embedded driver.
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