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we can not see any hoax on the composition of the top and bottom layer of the Blizzard 1260 Amiga Accelerator cards with their respective pads, through holes and connection pins done like here by its own PCB layout program. This proofs that the cards are not a Phantom and are ready to be produced right now. Of course we have not showed any vias and deeper Layers for safety reasons. This is a very serious proceeding and all people of any Amiga Forums are welcome to contact us directly, before inventing any false Stories without any confirmed information. The new phase 5 digital products UG was build up completely new on March 2016 with all the permisions needed for selling officialy and legaly electronic devices, like the WEEE Number (recieved in August 2016), offices, tax numbers and much more things. This is an ongoing procedure since 1 year with a hughe amount of hard work and for obvious reasons we waited before going public. We already recieved the first parts for assembling cards. So you can consider it like a restarted new phase 5 company, but with an expanded product portfolio, including some other fine Amiga Expansions. bplan is a great engineering company for the development of electronic devices, but is at the moment not involved. Behind the new phase 5 digital products UG company is a former employee of the old phase 5 digital products GbR company together with a well known european leading PCB manufacturer with a Master Supply Agreement signed back in February 2016 and a very professional PCB assembly Partner in Germany. More details upon press release. Thank you for your attention.

I could do with a new Blizzard
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