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For shmups enthusiasts, this is called " Pod ", while "Force" is acceptable because of R-Type. But it's usually "Pod" indeed.

The Shmups glossary on the forum is offline for some reason, but that's how this is explained there.

an "Option" or a "Multiple" like the Gradius/Nemesis series is different, it doesn't attach to your ship and usually doesn't absorb bullets. Multiple its accepted because thats how Nemesis ( USA/PAL version of Gradius) calls it. But most people refer to it as Option indeed. You also usually can have only 1 pod at time while you may have lots of options.

Last Resort (an arcade gamy by SNK) for example has a POD you can move around, but you can also fix it in a position and it does absorb bullet. Since you can only have one and it does absorb bullets, it's a POD, not an OPTION.

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