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Thanks for the Link!!! I dont want to boost this thread, simply because others may have more pressing questions, and this one is Solved. But just wanted to say thank for the footage. I did get the WB 1.0 demos to work, but the lines demo is really slow. The boxes and dots demo work full speed, or seen to. I found the floating triangles demo on a Polyscope disk, along with the HAM boxes demo you see around 6:29. Robo-city came on the same disk, and works. I dont have DPaint 1.0 yet to try it, but I guess with this slow memory software hack, I dont have to worry about memory! I also tried Polyscope, although I think I needed KS1.1 and WB 1.1 for this to run, cant remember now.

The PCB in the film also seems to be an early revision.
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