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Boo hoo derail
We're still talking about Personal Paint, about a version available in the page linked above and even about additions that could be made to it as asked by the OP.
Perhaps if we don't talk much about 7.3b is because we don't give a shit or because information is unclear on the official page (someone asked what the changelog is and if registration makes your copy customized, nobody replied).

This is a forum and conversation is bound to flow, if you don't want people to talk about stuff in a post you make, post in a blog and disable comments.

How is talking about adding layer support to it, about where the toolbox is (and if it can be changed), comparing it to Deluxe Paint and the available 7.1c download off-topic?

[edit] I see DH felt pressured to comply with your ridiculous request. Good job censors. How are you gonna deal with this very message now, will you censor me too?

Originally Posted by jPV View Post
Well... I guess it depends where you are drawing too For a full screen picture it's as far on both sides on the average and doesn't matter.
Well grafx2 has the toolbox below At first this was sacrilege! But I really got used to this.
Of course people might complain "why is it on the top?", nobody will ever be pleased
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