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Exclamation CRPG Book Project - Need reviews for Amiga games

Hi, I'm Felipe, the editor of the CRPG Book Project (, a non-profit, crowd-sourced book on the history of Computer Role-Playing Games.

Our latest release is a 350-pages long e-book, covering almost 200 CRPGs, and it's entirely written by fans, devs, journos, modders, indies and industry personalities like Chris Avellone, Ian Frazier and former-CGW Scorpia, among others.

You can freely download it HERE

The book is being written since 2014. We're now over 80% done, but to finish it we need some help from the Amiga/RPG community.

There are several Amiga games we still want to feature, such as the Elvira games, Hard Nova, Might and Magic III, The Lord of the Rings, Black Crypt, Heimdall, Perihelion: The Prophecy, Gateway to the Savage Frontier and the Champions of Krynn trilogy that still require reviews.

Anyone here willing to help, contributing with a review or two? And sorry if I posted this on the wrong sub-forum.

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