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Originally Posted by jizmo View Post
Many of the configs don't work, unfortunately. I went through a vast list of them trying to configure save games and paths for various sets of ADF's and no cigar

It's a great emulator with superb compatibility and a fluid UI for super fast ADF browsing. Too bad it was left unfinished.

Pro tip for that big screen TV though: You can replace the default font file with any thinner TTF file making the longer file names inside the emulator fully visible.
My 1200 Config seemed to work fine. Only Test it with HDF's wihch work perfectly. I do not see why ADF's shouldn't work.

For the only emulator available on xbox360 it is pretty good. UI Is very fast.

I tried to log on the authors webiste, but no cigar there.

Does anyone know who created it, or is able to communicate with the author?
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