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I would just like to address some messages I was sent as a result of ths thread, im have not said the A1300 is a piece of crap at all (see thread!) and I have not crtisized it, I was however trying to downplay it a bit, we were stripping down old CD rom drives and putting them into the side of BBC Micros 10 years ago so excuse me If i dont blow a fanfare for ya! I do however think it looks great, its a good job with a great paint job to match.

Best Paint: best spray to use is model spray like you get for RC cars (great finnish every time)

I did my old miggy 1200 black on the bottom and silver on the top with black black keys, it looked wicked!

Tip: if you strip a normal slot loading pioneer cd drive down (all the outer casing and front off) it will fit (just!) in a miggy 1200 and you can simply cut a thin slot in the side of the case for the cd to enter and a hole for the eject button!
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