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Originally Posted by ovale View Post
I don't see why people are suggesting a port for the stock A1200. It is obvious the HW cannot compare.
Blatantly obvious. You can do some kind of bullet hell shoot'm up, but nothing like this.

Originally Posted by ovale View Post
IMO a possible target is a a1200 with 030@50mhz
That sounds like a more suitable candidate indeed.

Originally Posted by ovale View Post
or more with all the rendering done in fast RAM and then converted in HAM. But then... it is no Amiga-ish anymore, just crunching MIPS like any x86.
HAM is VERY 'Amiga-ish', of course, but you'd waste a lot of cycles doing the conversion to HAM. It's just not a real option. Best mode for this is dual play field + sprite layer (which is also VERY 'Amiga-ish').

Originally Posted by kovacm View Post
And is it possible to use precompiled sprites on Amiga with bitplane modes?
Of course, they're still just sprites. Just about every Amiga game uses them.

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