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Originally Posted by kolla View Post
Indeed! I too find it totally awkward to navigate to the other side of the screen to pick from a tool box. I always suspected this was done solely to be "different" from DPaint.
Well... I guess it depends where you are drawing too For a full screen picture it's as far on both sides on the average and doesn't matter.

But if I'm drawing/processing an image which is smaller than the screen (typical situation with modern monitors and their optimal resolutions), it feels intuitive for me to have the small image on upper left corner (and it also goes there automatically usually with any program), and then the tool box is close to it when it's on the left side too. It would feel awkward to me have the small picture somewhere on the right hand side or if I'd need to move/arrange it there before starting the work on it.

And most of the other programs have the toolboxes on left side, so it's consistent with other usage then too.
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