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No, or at least I don't think so.

WinUAE 3.3.0 reliably hangs for me (Windows 10 1511 x86-64) if I run winuae with -log -inputlog 1 arguments, start emulation, press Pause, activate the log window (possibly just by moving the mouse over it since I use focus-follows-mouse) then press Pause.

On the first press of Pause (when emulation is running) there are 4 lines of log output:
HANDLE=1003d CODE=1d Flags=4 VK=13 MSG=100 EXTRA=0 SC=1d
HANDLE=1003d CODE=45 Flags=0 VK=ff MSG=100 EXTRA=0 SC=45
HANDLE=1003d CODE=1d Flags=5 VK=13 MSG=101 EXTRA=0 SC=1d
HANDLE=1003d CODE=45 Flags=1 VK=ff MSG=101 EXTRA=0 SC=45

However on the second press (while emulation is paused with the log window active) there is just one:
HANDLE=1003d CODE=1d Flags=4 VK=13 MSG=100 EXTRA=0 SC=1d

Also, I noticed that while paused with the emulation window inactive, WinUAE still receives input events (e.g. as you type in Notepad see key codes in the log window). Is there any way to suspend receiving input while paused? Though I guess you could have the chicken-and-egg problem with not being able to un-pause because you no longer receive key events?

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